which one of you assholes ate christmas!!!

by Des Ark

posted on October 29th , 2010

Aimee was in town a couple of months ago for the yearly Big She-Bang. This was another of my "last minute" Pink Couches, I had emailed her one day previously and we were luckily able to figure out something for the next day. ( Note: I think I say "luckily" in 50% of my Pink Couch postings )

Des Ark is currently on tour in Europe for the next couple of months and returns to the U.S. for a 5 week tour with Pygmy Lush. They also have a new album, "Don't rock the boat, sink the fucker" coming out in January on Lovitt Records.

This is just what I needed to get me out of my posting funk. Check out the color grading! This song/session came out great. One of my favorites.

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