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Sundials - Never Settle LP

Richmond, Virginia's Sundials are best buddies of mine. Luckily, for everyone else, that has nothing to do with how good this record is. "Never Settle" combines infectious pop punk with a really impressive songwriting ability. Sundials never fail to blow me away with their passionate lyrics. Whether they be about Richmond's gentrification issues or religious men using their faith as an excuse to abuse women, this record holds some really powerful songs. Be sure to pick this up before Sundials are as famous as Nelly (Country Grammar era).

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Nona - Demo

Nona is West Chester, PA's newest band. I have been chilling in my basement the past week while these three fools have been recording this gem of a demo. Taking members from a handful of other bands familiar to West Chester, Nona sounds like a combination of Cheeky, Superchunk and some hippy band. Fueled by pizza and organic tea, this band is sure to be taking over the world within a few months.

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West Chester Nuclear Winter Messageboard

Everything going on in West Chester. This is a really fun message board. Sometimes we have serious discussions about issues in the scene. Sometimes we talk about what our farts smell like when we eat certain foods. Mostly we talk about how our town rules. Please join in on the board and help make our town a rad pad for bad dads.

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Failed Attempts At Facial Hair

John Crodian (aka Failed Attempts at Facial Hair) playing his patented brand of acoustic genius. John recently moved to Bloomington, IN to do that college thing, but his heart lies in West Chester. This is a video from his last show in West Chester before he left for Bloomington. I think almost everyone in the room was teary-eyed. Be sure to check out his stuff...

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