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The Young Leaves - Life Underneath

Funny story, the singer of this band thought I hated him and his band. He always used to ask about my old band playing with them in their first incarnation. We always were like yeah sure then never played with them. He thought I had some malicious reason for it, when he didn't realize that fuck it we were just slackers who dumb lucked our way through being a band. They sound like the best parts of Archers of Loaf with a pop punk bent. Most people people think mid 90s North Carolina and think a bunch of slacker assholes. Think less like fucking Step Into the Light any asshole can do that and more. What Did You Expect thats what I'm talking about and thats what they channel.

I still don't like Chris though. He's an asshole. Almost as much of a racist as the Dopamines. I'm kidding he's not a racist. They are.

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The Credentials - Routines

Sure its illegal to steal this, and immoral. Frankly I'm an asshole for suggesting this, but I can only recommend that you buy one album. So steal this fucking record because honestly its really good. Sure I could cheat and say its ex WWD but thats like saying Jewdriver is ex Operation Ivy, but fuck its just the drummer that doesn't really count. These guys work their asses off, and are recording what the engineer it calls "amazing". He hates everything that isn't Action Patrol so you know it has to be high praise. Also Zach in this band is on a one man mission to reform Boston from its non-caring/jaded/angry/bitter/burnt out ways. Whether he's giving people free bike helmets or organizing a Boston fest in support of a local rape crisis center he's making this city something to be proud of. Steal the record, buy these guys some bumwine when they roll into town, and make your city a better place. Thats all they want. If the Dopamines can make a career out of ripping of WWD might as well go for something more authentic.

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Dan Webb & the Spiders

These guys fucking rule. Most shows I book in Boston I try to put them on. They weren't even supposed to be a band and are kind of like the shitty all stars of Boston. Featuring members of a bunch of other bands they follow the eponymous Dan Webb in creating some radical rock and roll, I'm bad with genre's and comparisons, but I figure if you like pretty straight ahead punk rock that doesn't involve mohawks or liberty spikes. They're about to go tour europe for a month and have a record coming out on Gunner records. Its gunna be a pricey import so try and get them to come to your town so you can get it. They're the David Hasslehoff of Boston punk. Also Dan is from Cincinnati, which is extraneous to this review except that its nice to see someone who isn't so hateful coming out of that city, unlike the Dopamines.

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Absurd System

Nick Mardanes was a rad dude. I didn't know him as half as well as I should, but I wish I had known him better. Every time we hung out I had a great time. FUCK THIS, but RIP Nick. I'll always steal a Shorty's spice for you and everyone should go see Brain Killer, Perdition, Parasytic and Nomos. Do I know who any of the fuck this bands are besides Brain Killer? No. But fuck Nick was a rad dude, so go to the show on 01/22/10 at 538 and have a fucking good time.

Donate in his memory to the Farber Institute. I'll miss him.

Fuck these guys

The Dopamines

Who knew that a RAC band would be so popular in 2010. What a sad state of affairs. Though even though I give these lovable assholes a bunch of shit, they'd say go fucking support Nick Poot.

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