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Male Bonding - Year's Not Long

So I'm trying to move to Los Angeles to be the next Frankie Muniz. I don't really hear much about him so I bet I could do really well as the new Frankie Muniz. We are roughly the same age, even though he still looks like he's 12. We are both from NJ too. There is also some real great shit coming out of LA these days. This one guy, Vice Cooler, directed a bunch of really awesome videos that you should check out. Here's one by London's Male Bonding. They have a record on Sub Pop. There's a bunch of guys making out at the end... that's not entirely why I like it though. Check out all his videos.

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The Soft Moon - Self/titled

Goth makes a comeback but in a good way and not in the UFO pants Jnco jeans kinda way. Luis Vasquez, the guy behind the Soft Moon, is from San Francisco, a city in California that is said the be the number one place to live for outdoorsy people. Full house also takes place there. Check out this song it's really awesome.

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Belong - Common Era

If you ever need to go for a sunset walk over the Manhattan Bridge or whatever bridge you live near (Bayonne Bridge?), listen to Belong - October Language and don't talk to anyone or think about anything. It's some really eerily amazing ambient/drone jams that you can definitely identify with if you are trying to do a sunset bridge walk and maybe redefine your life. Belong haven't done much since that record but now are finally back with their upcoming record - Common Era. Sources say it will be less like what I described and with more "song" structure.

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Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry

Herbie is the coolest guy ever, if you never met him you're a dick. No just kidding. But seriously he used to be the man behind this band BRRR and I was totally in love with that shit! Can't find it anywhere, go find it if you can! Anyway, now he's in a band called Brown Recluse, and they have a new record coming out on Slumberland Records called Evening Tapestry. Everything they've done is great, so I'm sure this will be nothing short of amazing. On their Facebook (facebook is a social networking site, ha-ha) they claim to be Baroque Pop/Psychedelic. Check this shit out and see what that means. I just read the Wikipedia for Baroque. You can too. Wikipedia is for everyone. I didn't realize this hadn't come out yet, but it comes out next week, and you can pre-order it... so that counts, right?

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Alex Cartier of Prevenge. Stay tuned!

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