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Little Victory S/T EP

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Little Victory is the best band in New York City! Seriously. If you haven't seen this band live, go do it! Between their riffs and their charm and winning looks (intended, kelly!), they are bound to win your heart! This is also available in 7" for purchase at their shows! Catch them on tour this summer on the East Coast / Mid-West.

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Songs For Moms new LP

(coming hopefully sooner than later)

Years ago a friend told me about Songs For Moms because they thought we had somewhat similar band names (my band was called Each Other's Mothers). What a lucky coincidence because to this day I am in complete awe of this band. Every time I've seen them play, whether it be on the East or West Coast, they totally BRING IT. I'm proud to say that I followed them to 3 tri-state area shows on their most recent tour, and that wasn't enough! I certainly cannot wait for their new LP to DROP, but until then we can follow them here: and keep ourselves occupied with their 1st two releases which can be purchased in the following places:

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Zombie Dogs S/T LP

This record is pure genius! Brooklyn's Zombie Dogs are a breath of fresh air, comprised of 4 of the coolest, most inspiring ladies I know (the all-star lineup includes current or past members of Carnal Knowledge, Bridge and Tunnel, and Each Other's Mothers) playing rippin' hardcore jams. The most perfect lyrics: "I hate thirteen. Locker room, maxi pad, OMG!" or my most favorite, "Flip the Bird." They get right down to it. If you're in the DC area in July I highly suggest finding them at Clitfest; they don't play out that often but its a real treat when they do.

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Cornershop ft. Bubbley Kaur "Topknot"

I had some free time after work one day and walked by Other Music on W4th St. I feel like I haven't stepped into a record store in a while, which is sad to me as I remember spending a few nights a week at Empire Discs in Long Island (Josh Wolpert what whatttt) in my youth. Luckily this one-for-old-times-sake wasn't a lost cause, as I discovered Cornershop! I stood at the listening station and... listened to their entire new album "& the Double 'O' Groove Of," which ruled. This song is the jammer, and the video to go with it is also super pretty! There's also an alternate version of this song featuring MIA which is a real goodie.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Mike "Dumps" Bruno of Dead Broke Records. Stay tuned!

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