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White Whale s/t 7"

I moved to Buffalo, NY about a year and a half ago and White Whale are a band that makes me happy that I live here. Dark, garage-y punk with a certain urgency and weirdness that reminds me of Wipers and The Marked Men. Listen to "We're Dead" and order their self-released 4 song EP at their website:

Listen to We're Dead.

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"The Do Shit Disc" by Vacation

I hadn't heard of Vacation before this summer, but we ended up playing a few shows with them on State Lottery tour, and they left a mark on me (and everyone else in the band) after we saw their set in Richmond. Vacation plays high-energy/lo-fidelity punk with a perfect balance of blown-out noise and memorable hooks. They have a song on Dangerous Intersections VII (Traffic Street Records) and they just released Dream Dad, a 4 song 7" that was put out by Sidejar Records and Let's Pretend Records.

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"Forever" LP/CD by Witches

Coming soon on Bakery Outlet Records Ah yes. Witches, from Athens, Georgia. They play amazing music that is best characterized by haunting vocals, ripping guitar playing and the intricate counter-melodies in the bass lines. I was lucky enough to hear some of their new songs this summer, when The State Lottery played some shows with these folks on the way to Berea Fest in Ohio. Witches also have a 3 song EP that was put out by the wonderful Salinas and Mandible labels and a split 7" with Honk Horn & Bad Mouth from Brooklyn.

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"To Be and Need" by Pink Houses, live at a roller-skating rink

Most "professional" music videos try to be this cool but fall short of that goal. This is one of my favorite songs on their LP that is available from Mandible Records.

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