Tony's solo project, now on IYMI! This goes great with Eric Ellman's new project Red Delicious.

Shortly after the first Failures' Union EP, "You Know Who",

original drummer Tim Turcott left the band to move to Philadelphia. At

the time Jay Draper and I thought the band was done so I figured I'd

better follow up our wildly successful and critically acclaimed debut EP

with a solo album...on CD-R. I played the finished tracks for Jay and

he decided we needed to record some of them as Failures' Union. So with

the addition of Eric Ellman on drums a few of the songs from this

session were reworked with the full band and ended up on the first F/U

full length "Sinker" and a few others made their way onto a couple of 7"s.

I recorded these songs in the back room of a girlfriend's house using

pirated software, cassette decks and various mics and instruments I had

accumulated over the years. We lived there with a dog and seven cats.

One Percent Press offered to help re-release this, in conjunction with

our Sheets of Ten record label, roughly 6 years after I recorded it and

here it is. Enjoy.


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