Sundials strikes acoustic electric gold on this 13 song LP. Together they are mining for nuggets of truth in a world of sparkling fool's gold. They are old prospectors.

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As the bass rumbles at the onset of the first track, “710,” it becomes evident that this is an older band. The vocals wax nostalgic while feedback builds, growing more intense, until the listener is pushed over the edge and into the comforting safety of the chorus. Clearly, this is in no way an attempt to imitate a recognizable and memorable sound. Instead, from these songs drips an interminable desire to remake – and to improve upon – the music that these three guys grew up on. To form such a record, which shows maturity and growth since their last album, the band relies on solid songwriting, rather than any single musical element, as each of these tracks feels like a fully formed product of hard work. Verbicide

...I find it interesting that although the band lists their influences as the Lemonheads, Pavement, and Super Chunk, the fore mentioned songs bear great similarity to tracks from Weezer’s “Blue” album, The Rentals, or Ozma – some of the better music to come out of the 90’s.

‘When I Couldn’t Breathe’ is a catchy as hell record, light and easy to bop your head to but heavy with hooks and feeling. If you like indie punk, Lemuria, Festing, vegan pizza, smoking an apple bong with your best friend, drawing, and adventures, get this record… and a shirt too, you’ll look good in it. The Ruckus

I used to be in this bandTyler Walker

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