I figured that for this release, I would eschew my normal badly written review and get some last minute blurbs from people who like the band. I looked up two message boards and asked people to say some nice stuff about these 3, and this is what I got.

I'll sum it up for clarity. Spraynard plays heartfelt pop punk with tons of singalongs and catchy drum/guitar interplay. They are also 3 of the nicest dudes I've met on the road. If you want to compare it to other albums on this site, it sounds like a cross between Yo Man Go and For Those Who Can't Wait.

You can also buy the LP from Runner Up Records

I drove an hour an a half to see pat's old band play 3 songs in some record store once. for this band I'd totally drive like 3.KendallSharpe

... long story short, Spraynard is the best band to come from a pitiful little town called Malvern, PA since... well since forever. i have to say i really genuinely enjoy Sprynard and their music.nixmonico

so to sum it up... spraynard kicks ass, i got into good music threw dos, pat is a super nice guy, and mark has no grey hairs.victoriajuliannebinkley

For now, I'll drop the facade and go on record to say that those fools are three of my best friends, and that I put more emotional stock into the music they make than almost any other band. I guess it all comes down to their overarching message of giving some sort of ****, and doing something about anything. Not idling. If the band has taught me anything in the year and a half they've existed, it's that no matter how homesick we get, how far in debt we sink, how much we hate our general situations, we still have each other. Cliche, perhaps, but true.Sean

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