When I heard that Kevin and Jon had started a new band, I knew it was going to be great. If you loved The Fucking Cops, this picks up right where they left off. I'm never good at these descriptions, so I'll leave it to the eloquent Marco Reosti of Salinas Records.

"Old Neighbors are/were a band from Grand Rapids, MI.  Grand Rapids is a fine place full of wonderful people, but it can be a little dark when the dreary days where fall are closing in on winter. Maybe that's why the songs Jon Rybicki wrote for this band were a little more emotionally raw than his previous efforts in The Fucking Cops.  The music can sound bright and powerful, especially backed by Alex Angus of Traffic & Weather, Kevin Nunn of North Lincoln and Jay VanVeen of Cain Marko, but the lyrics are a stark approach to death and disappointment."

- Marco Reosti

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