Pat messaged me one day about putting up this record, but he did it in a MMS with the rest of his band for some reason. An hour after I replied, I got a message from his band-mate that said "Who is this?". Last time I saw Pat was in Richmond and he was wearing a tie-dyed shirt and tie-dyed sunglasses. I'm just trying to say that he's changed and it's weird.

MMS's and tie-dye? What's next? A new band? Yes. These songs rock. You like Osker, see this. - Dave

Martin is a punk music band from Pennsylvania and Delaware. Martin is music to skateboard and light things on fire to.

Drawing pretty heavily from Green Day, Plow United, and Shook Ones. Then again, one of my co-workers thinks one part sounds like the riff from ďKryptoniteĒ by Three Doors Down so I donít know what to think anymore.

Please download this so I can show my Dad that this music thing isnít a waste of time and maybe he wonít send me to Lawyer Camp this summer.

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