Annabel is a band from Kent, Ohio and on Now That We're Alive (their debut EP) they sound what I'd imagine the Get Up Kids might have sounded like if they listened to a little more shoegaze and a little less hardcore when they were teenagers. In other words, Annabel's Now That We're Alive EP, is a gooey little slice of melodic indie-pop that sounds familiar but fresh. the five songs on the EP Annabel show that Annabel can do buoyant and upbeat or dreamily slow and drifting equally well and string songs together in a way that somehow seems greater than the sum of the individual parts. Things build, break, and just plain rock. Now Will has been suggesting I check these guys out for a while, and I'm glad that I finally have. Now That We're Alive is definitely a welcome addition to my collection. It won't wow you into submission after just one listen, but (rather) it grows and blossoms every time you hear it. - Can You See the Sunset ( link )

The three musicians from Kent, Ohio who call themselves Annabel exude a sense of optimism and happiness that is rarely seen in today's pop scene. If pressed to define their style of music, I would have to say that it's more of a punk-pop-retro hybrid served on top of a big band platter. The three band members (Ben Hendricks, Andy Hendricks, and Scotty Moses) perform in perfect synthesis with one another bringing the audience a tasty and wholesome musical treat.

The first track on Now That We're Alive, "Parade Rest", begins with a deceptively subtle start that guides us in to a full on introduction to the je ne sais quoi flavor of Annabel. The other four tracks ("Castles in the Air," "Bouquet Mines," "...And Elsewhere," and "If the Accident Will") on the self-produced EP share with the audience an extra view of what this group has to offer. There is a spirit and an energy in the music that prompts one to smile for no good reason. In fact, as I listened I couldn't help but see the world through new eyes; discerning the beauty that lies, in varying percentages, in all that surrounds us.

This band represents that which is meaningful in pop music: the indie spirit, the courage to pursue one's dreams, taking the show on the road, and inviting all who would accompany them as they bring to life what lies in between the moments we live. On this album, old school stylings blend with new school ideologies bringing the best of both into a new realm of musical culture and delivering that rare flavor of fun for fun's sake. - Feminist Review ( link )

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