If You Make It


Vaya Bags - Messenger Bags

Tia and co. create customizable messenger bags that have tons of great features, and look great too. Each bag is handmade to order. Tia also moonlights as the bass player of Bridge and Tunnel. from their site: Once upon a time there was a girl whose messenger bag broke. To her dismay stitches began to tear and holes began to form. Having places to go, people to see and things to bring with her she began the hunt for a new bag. It was a long and tiresome journey. She saw many bags, all fine and dandy, but too expensive! Being that she lived in Allston and had a low paying job none of these bags would do. She just could not afford them. She was forced to continue using her old bag with holes. She tried to patch them up but many a times her belongings would fall through the holes as she biked down the streets of Boston. One day, a brilliant idea popped into her head. She would create her own messenger bag! She did have extensive sewing experience from years of making clothing. So off to the fabric store she went. She gathered her supplies, sat by the sewing machine and in a few hours her masterpiece was complete. A messenger bag with multiple pockets, waterproof fabric, easy release buckles and padded strap! Many village folk took a liking to her new bag and asked for her to make them one of their own. And so "Vaya bags" were born... Vaya Bags are all handmade by Tianna Meilinger with the occasional help of her family and friends. As an environmental scientist Tia believes in reusing and recycling materials. That is why Vaya Bags are made from recycled canvas. The canvas used to make the bags is scrap and surplus material that is recycled from local sailboat factories. Tia also uses recycled bicycle tubes to make all of her bike tube gear.