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Salinas Records - Label

Marco has a birthday coming up, so I figured I'd be a great guy and write something nice about him. Over the last 7 years, he has ran one of the most consistently awesome labels that I know of. Salinas has put out so many great records over the years that cannot be pigeonholed, and it's all ran out of his apartment in Detroit, Michigan. Some of my favorite Salinas records include, Hot New Mexicans "It's Called Leaning Back", One Reason "Mountains", The Gibbons "Hope, Inc.", Little Lungs "Hoist Me Up", Potboiler's "Izzy Alcantara", Delay "... I had to stop myself because I was starting to list every record that he's put out. Two of my bands, Thousandaires and The State Lottery, have recordings coming out on Salinas and I couldn't be happier with the company I'm in. What are your favorite Salinas releases?