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Harvest of Hope - Festival

On March 12-14th, St. Augustine, Florida will be hosting their second Harvest of Hope Festival. Over those 3 days, over 150 bands are playing a multitude of stages at St. Johns County Fairgrounds. Some of the big names include Billy Bragg, The Mountain Goats, Broken Social Scene and Kimya Dawson. Being a offshoot of The Fest, HOH also features many of the best bands from 2009 Fest, including Lemuria, Cheap Girls, Look Mexico and more. Harvest of Hope is more than just an awesome festival, it is also raising money for a good cause, its namesake, the Harvest of Hope Foundation. "Located in Gainesville, Florida, The Harvest of Hope Foundation is a unique non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that has been providing migrant farmworkers and their families with emergency relief and financial assistance for over 15 years. As of January 20, 2010 the Harvest of Hope Foundation has distributed over $788,000 to migrant farmworkers, seasonal farmworkers and their families for severe or life treating situations. The Foundation's services include, but are not limited to emergency: healthcare assistance, housing and transportation assistance, educational grants and scholarships, monthly expenses, replacement clothing, and financial aid to migrant farmworkers and seasonal farmworkers throughout the United States. The Harvest of Hope Foundation firmly believe that factors such as limited cultural capital, lack of political power, poverty, and frequent mobility operate as barriers that continuously prevent migrant farmworkers and seasonal farmworkers from obtaining legitimate legal rights, education, healthcare and social services. Therefore, it is the Harvest of Hope Foundation's intention to be a proactive voice and leader in providing emergency services to migrant farmworkers and their families." - HOH Foundation I'm excited that things like this can happen, within a community that I respect. If you are traveling down for this, treat St. Augustine right. It's amazing that communities will open themselves up to thousands of people, and it would be nice to be able to keep it that way. Visit their website for more information. If you can't make it, you can still help by texting hohfest to 20222 to donate $5 (charged to your next bill) to the Harvest of Hope Foundation.