If You Make It


Ramsey Beyer - Morning Commute

I always associate my morning commute with music, especially after the winter when I've mostly taken the bus to work during harsh Chicago weather. I look forward to my 30-minute bus ride with music in my headphones. When it starts to thaw out a bit (or at least get up to 30 degrees again), I reluctantly drag out my bike. Some days at first, however, I'd still opt to ride the bus just so I could keep the slow start to my day with my favorite bands. Once it gets too warm, though, riding the bus just feels silly! On my bike, I always find myself singing out loud so I can still have my commute music. I tell myself that I can sing as loud as I want since no one can hear me. Then I catch the stares from cars passing by. Just because they can't hear you, it doesn't mean they can't see you. (tsk tsk to those of you who ride with headphones on. so unsafe!) p.s. The song I'm singing in the comic is You Send Me by Sam Cooke. It's one of my very top three love songs! p.p.s. The other two being I'll Be Your Mirror by the Velvet Underground and A Picture Postcard by the Promise Ring.