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Music Mondays - Rachel Browne of Field Mouse

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Pile - Dripping

Pile is a post-hardcore band from Boston. They are really, really good. I get nostalgic listening to them in a way that gets harder to find every year. Dripping is a great fall album - they put it out last October - if you are into legit rock music, likely including the Pixies and Fugazi, get this. (Their older record, Magic Isn't Real, is really just as awesome).

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Grooms - Infinity Caller

I met the members of Grooms a while back at the restaurant I used to work at. They're really nice people. Turns out they make ridiculously good albums, too. I mean that - they make really solid full lengths with zero filler. Their new record, Infinity Caller, is 11 tracks of weird tunings, loud as fuck, swirling, hand-crafted guitar sounds (guitarist/vocalist Travis builds Death by Audio pedals) and undeniably good songwriting. Twenty years ago it would have been called "indie rock", but now I guess it's just rock? Reminds me a bit of Lee Ranaldo's Daydream Nation songs. Just listen to it already!

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Swearin' - Surfing Strange

I could be biased because these people are my friends and I love them, but I really don't think I am. Their debut self-titled record was so insanely great, I listened to it all year long. Unsurprisingly, their new jams on Surfing Strange are excellent. They took more liberties and tried some new things but kept their sound, which I guess is what you are supposed to do with a sophomore release. Well, they did it right, and I love all 33 minutes of it. It comes out 11/5 on Salinas. There's one track online now.

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Speedy Ortiz live on KEXP

This band is incredible live and this is a sick in-studio.

Stay tuned for next week when Marco of Salinas Records hits the mat! Like in wrestling!