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Dead Mechanical "OK Night"

I was going to write all four entries about Superchunk, but I realized that's not really in the spirit of IYMI. Besides these three gentlemen from Baltimore are probably cooler than a bunch of old millionaires anyways. When guitarist Lucas Carscadden growls "You are empty and I am empty too" on Vacants, it hits you in the gut.

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Cayetana "The Key Studio Sessions"

Presuming that you already downloaded their three song demo from this very website, you should also grab this radio recording of Philadelphia's Cayetana which features two newer songs, including my new favorite "Miss Thing." Bassist Allegra Anka is so good at laying down beautiful counter-melodies.

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First Time's The Charm

Ever since I got the chance to play "Comrades Fest" in Grand Rapids a few years back, I've said that every city should have a show like this: an open invitation for people to start new bands. The Philadelphians who are setting up "First Time's The Charm" on Nov. 9th have taken it a step further, specifically encouraging people who identify as female, trans, queer or a person of color as well as first time musicians.

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Joyride! "The Weather"

Probably my favorite song from this San Francisco band's debut LP. The video footage was shot by guitarist Jenna Marx and her friends during the summer before ninth grade, which makes a ton of sense if you have the LP and have read through the lyrics to this fantastic song.

Stay tuned for next week when Mikey of The Ambulars ambulates on through! Download their full length here or buy it from the aformentioned SALINAS RECORDS!