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Music Mondays - Jeff Takacs of Rocket Fuel Podcast

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Old Flings - Spite

My favorite album from last year was “Spite” by the North Carolina band Old Flings. This band creates the perfect blend of punk, hardcore, rock and even powerpop for an unforgettable sound. In fact, the description they give on their website is not only amazing, it’s accurate: “90s-era Revelation Records meets Gin Blossoms meets Smashing Pumpkins meets Hum meets Samiam.”

These songs of love and heartbreak will definitely make it into your regular rotation. Download this album for FREE from their bandcamp page.

Check out their video for the song Grip if you need a little extra convincing.

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Teen Agers - I hate It

The Orlando, FL band Teen Agers just released their debut album “I Hate It” and frankly, I don’t hate it. In fact, I love it so much I find myself constantly listening to it. Great straight up punk rock with enough 90s influences for this old dude like me and sweet melodies to go down smooth. After just a couple of listens, this songs will get stuck in your head and put a smile on your face. “I Hate It” was recorded by Roger Lima of Less Than Jake and engineered by Stephen Egerton of Descendents/ALL. “A product of blood, sweat and Icy Hot.”

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A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher

Finally, the new A Wilhelm Scream will be seeing the light of day. It has been over five years, five LONG years, since this face-melting machine from Massachusetts has unleashed new music onto the world. Their new album “Partycrasher” comes out on November 5th on No Idea Records.

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Rocket From The Crypt - Live at the Double Door

All hail the big sound of Rocket From The Crypt! I love this band so much and they continue to shape me as a music fan to this day. In September, I had the chance to see them not once, but twice in Chicago as a part of Riot Fest-ivities. Check out this video from the very beginning of their set at the Double Door after party show. I would say that there were about 300 people at this show and we all left exhausted, sweaty, and beaming with joy. From where this video was shot, I was about three or four people away to the left, right up in the front. The young livers rule tonight!

Who's next?! I gotta track everyone down and squeeze the info out of them!