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I used to live in Connecticut and Ovlov are hands down the state's best kept secret. I had a few friends tell me to check out their 2012 EP "Whats So Great About the City" and I almost didn't give the band a chance after I saw how terrible the artwork for the EP was. I'm glad I did though because I was floored by the four songs on the EP. They broke up for like a hot second but got back together and recorded a their debut LP earlier this year and released it through Exploding in Sound Records. Hands down the best record I've heard all year. Huge, blown out Dinosaur Jr worship.

Don't sleep on this band.


Crying - Get Olde

I keep getting sucked into loving bands coming out of SUNY Purchase. Dave Benton who plays guitar in LVL UP showed me early versions of GET OLDE which features Nick from LVL UP on drums. Band's set up is A drummer, guitar player, vocalist, and a programed gameboy blaring out 8 bit bleep and bloops. They sound like if you shoved Camera Obscrua through a nintendo. Even if that somehow doesn't seem appealing I would download the record for free over at Quote Unquote Records

Editor's note: I think this record is amazing.

Get Excited for this:


I was in awe at Fest 12 when I saw 400 people climbing on top of each other through out the entirety of You Blew It's set. I've continued to hear people talking about how wild it was two weeks later and more and more buzz has been starting to pop up around for the band's upcoming sophomore LP. Before they spent the summer touring with Modern Baseball, Mixtapes and Light Years, the guys drove up to Chicago and recorded their sophomore LP TITLE REDACTED with Evan from Into It Over It. I could not be more happier listening to this thing and I cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear this record when it comes out on Topshelf Records in DATE REDACTED.

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Rozwell Kid - Unmacho

I really don't have that much to say about this except that this song rules and this music video is perfect. Bands, please step up your music video game. This video proves to me that Alex Henry is not the only one who can use a video camera correctly.

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