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Music Mondays - Derek Neuland of All Things Ordinary

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Procession - Fade EP

This Grand Rapids band came through Buffalo recently and blew me away. I was introduced to them by fellow Thirsty Dude Jason Draper last month and have been listening to them non-stop since. They did an incredible cover of "Dreams" by The Cranberries when I saw them play Sugar City. They remind me of a mix of The Organ and My Bloody Valentine. Indie shoe-gaze at it's finest.

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Dead Language - "s/t" LP

I have only heard one 38 second song from this album so far, but I've been told the whole album is amazing. Featuring members of Iron Lung, Solutions, No Comment, Walls, and many more amazing bands that some call "power violence". I hate to say it, but Dead Language is better than Low Threat Profile (and I love their output so far).

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Human Touch - "s/t" 7"

Even though it's not out yet, this is already one of my favorite releases this year. Jamie's fierce vocals coupled with the driving and catchy riffs courtesy of John Angelo's guitar make this band for me. This 7" is coming out soon on Feral Kid Records and One Percent Press. Do yourself a favor and listen to the b-side of the record, the song "Human Touch". They're skating in Fucked Up territory with that one, and I mean that in a very good way.

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Hot Water Music - Full set @ Krazy Fest 2011

I was afraid I wasn't going to see this. I went with Lemuria on a weekend tour with Anti-Flag, Hostage Calm, and The Flatliners. The 3rd and final day was the 2nd day of Krazy Fest. Besides Lemuria, I was really excited to see Hot Water Music and 7 Seconds. Half way through the day, word got around that it was about to rain. So we quickly brought all the Lemuria merch to the Bridge 9 tent. Before we knew it were all huddled underneath, holding the legs of the tent to prevent it from blowing away from the h4 wind and rain.

It didn't seem like it was going to let up so we ran all the merch to the van, getting soaked on the way. We then were told they were going to have the rest of the bands play on the stage inside, but there was 1-2 bands before Hot Water Music went on. We opted to get some food because we were all starving. Getting food took longer than expected and I feared we had missed Hot Water Music.

As we pulled into the Krazy Fest parking lot, I don't think we were stopped before Max jumped out of the van and started running. I was confused, until I opened the door and heard the sound of Hot Water Music playing in the distance. I then started sprinting as well, running past security while showing them my wrist band. It took a few songs to push through the huge crowd but I finally got close enough to really enjoy the show. I will admit, I'm not as familiar with the Hot Water Music catalog as I would like to be, but they put on an amazing show.

Also, I broke my glasses while they played "Rooftops" and it was totally worth it.

Is there anything that we missed this week? Let us know in the comments. Next Monday's post will be by Jeff Rosenstock of absolutely nothing.