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Yo Man, Go! - Discography

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//2006 Demo: 1. Get Living or Die Trying 2. Shoot for the Stars 3. Two-Part Harmony 4. Life Lessons 5. Confessions and Confusion //Life Lessons 7" A. Life Lessons* B. Down With Bo Jangles //2

"If you like Latterman, Iron Chic, Get Bent, or any of the other awesome discernible Long Island style of punk bands, then quit reading this review right now and go to the link I attached at the bottom and download Yo Man Go!'s discography for free. As implied, they're not doing anything you haven't heard before, but if you love fun and just solid all-around pop-punk as much as me, then you're sure to love this. Consisting of members from former projects such as Hypatia, Off Minor and the esteemed RAMBO, Yo Man Go! have mastered the archetypal Long Island style of punk we've all grown to love oh so much. Being that this is just a compilation of all the recordings they had done, I'm not going to sit here and try to expand on the cohesion or structure of this comp, because there is none. It is simply an amalgam of nine awesome songs from a band that broke up way too soon. There is something so simple and sincere to this formula of music, that no matter how many bands rip off the sound, I'm a sucker for it every time. Don't complain -- this shit is free! Now go download, you insatiable kids, you!" - punknews.org