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Used Kids - Yeah No

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Dancing Off The Edge Of The World 2. An Honorable Man* 3. Look Out For The Cops 4. Doomed To Be Alone 5. I Know You're Mine 6. Desperate Times 7. Midwest Midsummer 8. Standing At The Bu

The Used Kids want everyone to download Yeah No, so we've made it available for free. If you like it, and you don't plan on buying the LP, please consider donating a few bucks to the cause. We worked hard on it. A good amount is between $3 and $5 - if you have paypal, you can click on the link shown on this page, it's as simple as that. Thanks - and whatever you do, play it loud and play it often! - UKYN. You can buy the LP from Salinas Records. Unabashed rock'n'roll from Brooklyn with Midwestern DNA. Husky vocals (a la Husker Du), catchy songwriting, and thoughtful guitars. Reminiscent of early Jam, or in more recent history, the celebratory feel of the Exploding Hearts. If wailing guitar solos were a more widely recognized currency, times would not be so desperate. - Bobby Colombo If you liked the State Lottery record, you'll probably liked this.