If You Make It


Timeshares - Bearable

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. From An Admirer Not Darryl* 2. Everyday Doops 3. Focus, Eddie 4. Oh No Not That 5. Sarah, Send Your Driver 6. Damn Near By Beer 7. Too Many ELO Days 8. Chinese Coffee Torture 9. Skirt Wednesday 10. Mumbleface 11. Woke Up

I was supposed to go to their show tonight, but I got sick like a loser. Instead, I'm on the computer at 12:30am, posting their newest album. It'll be up for a month, and then it's back to MediaFire for you weasels. This record is awesome, especially because it contains the song "Woke Up In Grappler School", from their split with Captain We're Sinking. Make sure to check out the tracks "Math & Science" and "Too Many ELO Days", they are pretty choice. Like a steak. I don't eat meat. You can pre-order the record from Kind of Like Records and Kiss of Death Records. The record will be available on October 25th. You can also download their self-titled EP from the sidebar on the right. Timeshares will also be hitting the road for this year's Fest. Along for the ride is the UK's Bangers, who are pretty cool.

"For description...oh man where to begin? What I love about Timeshares is that they're all friends first. Hanging out with them is sorta like being thrown into a sitcom from the 90's. Like Family Matters. Or Full House. There's hi-jinks, laughs and every once in awhile a good lesson to be learned. And it translates to their music too. I've never met a more genuine band full of such genuine people. Plus, this record is pretty tight." - Lisa Garelick of Kind of Like Records.