If You Make It


Swearin' - What a Dump

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Irrational 2. Kenosha* 3. Crashing 4. Subterranean 5. Snag 6. What a Dump

Within one minute of hearing this, I knew I loved it. It all sounds so damn good, and the band seemed to spring out of thin air. Swearin' is basically a mash-up of bands and people that I love. I recently saw them play a show in Brooklyn, and it was just so perfect. Almost too perfect. It's not really fair. Kyle of Big Soda and Allison of P.S. Eliot share vocal duties on this record and it's one of my favorite combinations of styles. You can download both of their previous albums on this very site! I can't really explain how much I love this record. Kevin Nunn of North Lincoln/Wormburner* writes "It reminds me if Jenny Lewis was obsessed with 90′s Aaron Cometbus bands like Redmond Shooting Stars or Cleveland Bound Death Sentence." * I think this is Kevin