If You Make It


Swearin' - Swearin'

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Intro 2. Here to Hear 3. Kenosha 4. Fat Chance 5. Shrinking Violet* 6. Divine Mimos 7. Hundreds and Thousands 8. Just 9. Crashing 10. Kill em with Kindness 11. Empty Head 12. Movie Star

I was really glad that Jeff asked me to put this record up. If you loved the demo, download this. If you didn't, you are a ding dong, and not of the chocolate variety. You can also purchase the record from Salinas Records by clicking here or the link to the left.

When I first heard the Swearin’ demo, I listened to it for 5 hours straight. I was completely blown away. Sometimes a band just wakes you up, you hear the same chords and melodies and beats and ideas all the time and then someone comes along and just has it RIGHT, and you wonder what the fuck everyone else has been doing wrong the whole time. That’s simultaneously the best and worst thing about pop music: it’s easy and completely accessible to everyone, which means there is a whole hell of a lot of it. The best pop bands can just feel it, it’s intuitive and natural and it makes them the envy of all the nerds pouring over stacks of records and trying to figure out the trick. Kyle and Allison can write some goddamn songs, and they are blessed with one of the finest rhythm sections around. It’s just one of those perfect situations where everyone fits into their role so perfectly that this band with anyone else in it wouldn’t be half as good. This new record reaffirms how good they are at Henry’s Dress-meets-Superchunk-covering-Fastbacks punk pop, and throws in some tender GBV/Unrest style lo-fi jams for good measure. That’s some heavy name dropping and I don’t take that shit lightly. These kids are the real deal.Sam Cook-Parrott
Swearin' is going on tour really soon. Check out dates here!