If You Make It


Sundials - First Six Songs

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Names That Matter Most 2. Neighborhood Well* 3. Fox Hunters 4. Hidden Books 5. It Stands A Ground 6. Christmas Day

I had first met Harris on Halo Fauna tour where we played with his band Horn & Tusk in Richmond. 2 years later, both of our new bands met up to play two shows in New Jersey and New York. I had a lot of fun, and after the second show I offered to put up their demo, which had been flying off their merch table. I feel like this record fits in perfectly with the recent return of the 90's style rock, ushered in by bands like Cheap Girls, Used Kids, and Failures' Union. It has that fun bouncy style that makes me excited for spring to come. The first 3 songs on this record are going to be released as a 7" very soon on Impermanent Records, titled "First 3 Songs". If you liked the free Used Kids record, check this out.