If You Make It


Sundials - Always Whatever

Listen to the T-Rex:
SIDE A 1. Always Whatever* 2. Derek Shelton Birthday Party 3. Assailant 4. Dan Worships the Devil 5. Shelter Girl 6. Drag Me to the Core 7. Viking Funeral 8. Mosby Street SIDE B 9 Holy monophony 10 Little Lights 11 Snowballs at Cops 12 Fire Escape 13 Stands a Ground 14 Hidden books 15 Christmas Day

It’s been nearly four years since the oldest songs on this collection went up on this very website. Since releasing the First Six Songs EP, we’ve recorded and released two LPs, an online EP, and a handful of 7”s. We decided to put together this collection so people might have a chance to hear some things they’ve missed over the years. It’s an education, of sorts.

Did you know that Sundials was a four-piece for two 7”s and two incredibly sloppy shows? Did you know about all the little problems we tend to have on the road? Dos didn't. Did you know that Alkaline Trio takes a joke pretty damn well? Discover all this and more with Always Whatever.

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