If You Make It


Spraynard - Funtitled

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. I Care Not 2. The Denver Broncos vs. The Denver Broncos 3. O.R. They? 4. Little Green Ghouls 5. We're Pretty Nice Guys* 6. Ah Gun 7. Damn You, A Box 8. Spooky, Scary 9. Homies Where the Heart Is 10. Quite Exciting, This Computer Magic 11. Not

So Spraynard went ahead and made the punk record of the century, and then, because they are obnoxiously nice guys, they decided to give it away for free so they can spread their positive message of waking up and not caring and maximizing potential to the world. Get into it. It's a lot like the Mighty Ducks. Or the Little Giants. Or even the Big Green. You know all those kids' sports movies (not Air Bud) where the team of future pro athletes who look like they are twenty-five years old even though they are supposed to be in middle school get wrecked in the big game by a gang of lovable misfits who are obviously there because they love the game and not because they really care all that much about winning? It's a lot like that, except the kids on steroids are actually Screeching Weasel or something and Spraynard can't ice skate. It's a metaphor, people. It's not going to be perfect. But basically, this is an amazing record made by some of the best people you'll ever meet. Download it, listen to it non-stop for the next few weeks, and then go sing along with them on their big US tour this summer. I'm pretty sure you'll have a good time. Funtitled will be physically available on May 10th from Asian Man Records. Write up by Carl Athey.