If You Make It


Spoonboy - The Papas

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Intro 2. All the Kids in Michigan 3. Not Coming Home 4. Stab Yer Dad 5. Do You Need a Messiah? 6. Gerald Lee Palmer* 7. Hegemonic Blowfish 8. Sexy Dreams 9. Peanuts 10. Carol Rhodes 11. All One or None 12. The Mamas and the Papas 13. I am a

This record was recorded in April 2010 with a backing band consisting of members of Nana Grizol, Hot New Mexicans, Grape Soda, Madeline, Elf Power, Defiance Ohio, and more. The production on this record is great and is perfect fans of any of the aforementioned bands. I want to write more but my internet connection is totally bunk. At this point you probably know about Spoonboy or his band The Max Levine Ensemble. This was also released on vinyl by Shout Out Loud and tape by Plan-It-X. Download it already! Also expect a bunch more records up on IYMI in the upcoming week!