If You Make It


Red Delicious - Self-Titled

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Rust* 2. Drag 3. Flood 4. Well 5. Hearts On Fire

Back in 2010, longtime Western New York natives and multi-bandos Jamie Rowitsch (Human Touch, Mallwalkers) and Eric Ellman (Failures' Union, They Live) needed a break. They left the crumbling, nine to five Buffalogrind and set sails for Rhode Island where they would pursue careers in Music Therapy and Organic Foods respectively. After a six month detox from their previous life of constant band rehearsals, shows, and recording sessions (and with a little help from Newport's beautiful ocean air) they were ready to make music again. This time something simple and nice, not too cluttered by overthinking. "Regular songs" as Eric likes to call them, "A basic three-piece" says Jamie about her favorite type of band formation. Through a mutual friend the two met Evan Tetrault (*Declined*), a drummer who worked at the local pharmacy. He agreed to play with them after hearing a couple songs done acoustically. After fleshing those out in his basement and writing a few others together, the trio played two quick shows on Aquidneck Island and entered the studio (Yuggoth studios in Warwick, RI to be exact). Engineered by Peter Scartabello (a co-worker of Jamie's), the result is what you are about to download, and is also available as a cassette on the One Percent Press label. Jamie and Eric moved back to Buffalo in 2012 and rather than leaving Red Delicious as a blurry snapshot in the memory of a few lucky islanders, the band has been rekindled with the help of drummer David Dluga (*White Whale*). This current lineup is now playing shows and working on some nice new songs for everyone... but I suppose especially for fans of things like the Lemonheads, Guided By Voices, Tin Armor, Superchunk, Buffalo Tom, books and vegetarian food.