If You Make It


Radiator Hospital - Something Wild

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Do You Remember? 2. Great Escape 3. Big Cloud 4. Our Song 5. Cryin' Kind 6. Are You Feelin' Me? 7. Lose Sight of You 8. Your Boyfriend 9. Down Again 10. Sometimes 11. Ghost Story* 12. Something Wild 13. Lose Sight of You II

I've been waiting for this release ever since I saw the new line-up perform last year. Sam is backed by Philly's finest which include members of Very Okay, Swearin' and Vietnam Werewolf. When Sam messaged me last month I was beyond excited to put his record up, especially after finding out that Salinas was putting it out. Check this out if you loved that last video I put up or fell in like/love with the Swearin record. Here's some choice words from Sam himself:

A lot of this record is about getting lost. I spend a lot of my time trying to escape. Into comics, records, movies. New worlds full of magic and wonder. The record is a tribute to those worlds. I will never stop loving music and loving art and stories, and I will never stop making music and telling stories of my own. Even if no one is listening, even if I am dead broke and working a shitty job. I’m not really trying to do anything bigger than I’m doing. I’m just living my life, loving it and observing it. Released July 2013 on Salinas Records. Radiator Hospital is me, Boltie, Cynthia, and Jon. Kyle played the crazy solo on “Your Boyfriend” and Allison sang on “Are You Feelin’ Me?” This album was recorded in April 2013 in our house. Kyle recorded all the good sounding songs and I recorded all the hissy ones. All words by me except "Sometimes" which I paraphrased off a Flamin' Groovies record. All sounds by Radiator Hospital. Front Cover by Paul Jaissle. Layout by Brennan. Photos by us, coloring by me. Thanks to Kyle, Marco, Allison, Brennan, Paul, Kiki, Waxey, all our friend bands, all our friends and families, anyone who’s booked us a show and anyone who’s listened to any of this junk.