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One Reason - All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Sometimes We Bleed * 2. The Black and The Red 3. The Story of a Hometown 4. A Legacy of Empty Buildings 5. Bout Time We Give Something a Try 6. Southern Rock Anthem 7. Dead End Roads 8. Res

We listened to this record two days ago, and it brought back a lot of memories of the last 5 years. After I bulldozed my way through the memories, I shot Ginger a message about putting this up. This is an amazing album that everyone should have or give a chance. -------------------- I picked this up only because it’s on Plan-It-X, and they’re the label that introduced me to Against Me! and This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb. One Reason is kinda what you hope for out of this label – there’s a tinge of Woodie Guthrie, an attitude of Joe Hill, and enough rock'n'roll to keep you interested. This band is wedged so well between Hot Water Music and Against Me! that you’d expect No Idea to put out this album, but that’s not to say it’s too derivative. One Reason definitely are hashing out their own sound, and the female vocals on this are flat-out tough. The high point is "Rest Stop," a dazzling, intelligent song about stopping at the Trail of Tears Rest Stop in Illinois ("do you really have to commemorate 500 years of oppression with a building full of human waste?"). The low point is the Bruce Springsteen cover. In between the highs and lows is a lot of good shit. –Sean Carswell (Plan-It-X) : Razorcake Check out the albums from Air Raid Barcelona and Bottle Rocket if you like this.