If You Make It


Nude Beach - Self-Titled

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. No Change 2. Boss Song* 3. Ridin' Easy 4. Burnin' 5. No One But You 6. Writing in the Rain 7. Beach Head 8. Hit By A Hurricane 9. Story of a Man 10. The Mountain or the Moon

You can pick their LP, in it's second pressing, at Mandible Records. Click the link to left to purchase it. Thanks Carl for stepping in and reviewing this record!

Nude Beach, like all great bands with 'Beach' in their name, are pure summer fun. This album is such a great follow up to their original demo tape. Jangly little guitar riffs and rock solid rhythm are the name of the game on this album. At times, it reminds me of fun pop-punk along the lines of Chinese Telephones, but slower, more relaxed tunes, such as the aptly-titled 'Ridin Easy' draw back from such influences, leaning instead more towards classics such as The Clash and Elvis Costello. It should be noted that in person, the singer and guitar player of this band, Chuck, bears a stunning resemblance to Bob Dylan. It is fitting, then, that like Dylan, it is almost impossible to understand the vocals on this record without some sort of outside assistance. I'm not complaining, though, if it works for The Marked Men, it can work for Nude Beach too. Today is the nicest day of the year here in Richmond, and now that I've got some of these great pop tunes in my head, I'm going to throw them on my iPod and enjoy the weather. I recommend you do the same. -Carl Athey