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Kevin Seconds - Don't Let Me Lose Ya

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Forever Try 2. On The Hill 3. Don't Let Me Lose Ya 4. Only Drug I've Ever Done 5. Disappearing Girl 6. What A Lie 7. Deaf Ears 8. Oh Rhonda 9. Masterpiece, Unfinished* 10. The Elements and You

I'm really excited that Asian Man Records asked me to put this up and I think everyone will love his new record which comes out today! You can purchase it from them by clicking the link to the left. Enjoy! For fans of Attica Attica, Joey Cape and Jon Snodgrass.

Kevin Seconds is a pop troubadour with a protest singer's heart. Best known for his work in 7Seconds, the legendary American hardcore punk rock band he has led for over three decades, Kevin Seconds has spent the better part of 20 years morphing into a brilliant lo-fi home-recordist singer-songwriter. His songs are startlingly catchy and impeccably well-crafted.Asian Man Records
Don’t Let Me Lose Ya is an incredibly heart felt and sincere record, which is what endears me to it so much, and for some reason makes me want to blast the record while I drive across Kansas with the top down.The Next Great Band