If You Make It


Junior Battles - Self Titled

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Basements 2. Major Label Bidding War* 3. Update Your Resume 4. Roads? Where We're Going, We Definitely Need Roads.

When Sam sent me this record, I was instantly ( metaphorically ) transplanted back into the late 90's New Jersey, where pop punk was king. Junior Battles sounds like a natural extension of what Humble Beginnings, Welcome Home Travis, and Lanemeyer were doing at that point in time. This self-titled 7" is chock full of frenetic guitars and pitch perfect dual vocals. JB hails from the snowy white north, Toronto. You can buy the 7" from Square Up Records. Sam Sutherland also is part of Juicebox Dot Com, which is basically the Canadian version of IYMI. Check out their web series "Talk Show Night at Juicebox Manor" and their free download section while you are there. You'll like this if you enjoyed the Captain We're Sinking or Timeshares.