If You Make It


Jeff Rosenstock - Summer

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Teenager* 2. Go On Get

Why is this release here? How did this meeting of the minds come together like Bisquick© pancake batter? Was Aunt Jemima© low sugar syrup involved? Did we discuss this around a cup of Folgers© instant coffee? Where does the copyright symbol go when you have an apostrophe? It's so dang confusing.

Jeff sold out, plain and simple, for the If You Make It big bucks. It was bound to happen and it couldn't have happened at more fortuitous time. 

I can't believe these songs are a product of a solo project. It's kind of amazing how interesting and full they are, but I should have expected that from Jeff. I like the idea that solo musicians don't have to resort to relying on just an acoustic guitar and a gruff warbly voice.

This is the kind of EP that forces you to change the repeat settings on your MP3 player to loop forever. Download it now and donate to keep Jeff pleasing your ear holes in the most non-sexual way possible.

"All songs by Jeff Rosenstock except that line about tearing down the clouds and fucking in the sky which is paraphrased from Anty Horgan of The Bennies. Jeff Rosenstock recorded most of the instruments on this in the spring of 2013 in a small room in a medium-sized in Brooklyn, USA. Fitzy Fitzgerald recorded the drums in the spring of 2013 in a lovely large venue called the Reverence Hotel in Melbourne, Australia."