If You Make It


Get Bent - Demo

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Sleeping Bag 2. Forest Ave 3. City* 4. Ridgewood 5. Stacked and Shifted

4 piece punk rock band who alternately hates and loves living in Ridgewood, Queens.

So this was (according to me) the fifth best EP of 2008 but it maybe coulda been a spot or two higher. In my brief write up I mentioned that it was recorded by Latterman's Phil Douglas and that Get Bent plays gruff but catchy pop-punk rock with a hint the heartland and just enough "Just Like Kurt" to balance out the "Broadway & Briar." Umm... yeah. So Get Bent are some dudes from Ridgewood, Queens that play some amazing punk rock music. It ain't nothing complicated but it is so full of energy and emotion and some pseudo-country lead guitar that sounds like it's straight out of the Brian Venable school of rock guitar that the songs on this demo (you could just call it an EP) are so amazing. Even my pregnant wife loves this band. Yeah, it's heartfelt and a bit sloppy (read: loose and rough around the edges) and so much better because of it. Do you like Digger's Powerbait and think that Weston was way better before Chuck left the band? Then you'll totally love this. you can download the whole entire thing for free from If You Make It right here. How about that folks? - Can You See The Sunset from the Southshore If you like this, make sure to check out the albums from Iron Chic and Yo Man Go.