If You Make It


For Serious This Time - When You're In It

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Santa Marina 2. Livingston 3. Interlude 4. Fog Bank 5. Bobsun* 6. Karen Room

This band came out of nowhere for me. I recently saw their name on the list of bands playing with Thousandaires in Philadelphia. After falling in love with their songs on myspace, I failed to talk to any of them at the show. Luckily I've become pretty proficient at sending after-the-fact emails, and was able to talk them into putting the EP up on this lovely site. This band puts a lovely spin on the Braid formula. Taking a completely different guitar tone and style of playing, FSTT adds a beach party silliness to each song, that is instantaneously catchy. The drums fit perfectly, and the bass hits that warm spot in your stomach. I am really excited to have this album up. If you like this record, download the For Those Who Can't Wait or Everyone Everywhere records. Confusing, right?!