If You Make It


Football, Etc - First Down

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Dream Big* 2. Touchdown (Dance) 3. Catch the Spirit 4. First Down

Rainer Maria comparisons be damned, Houston, TX indie / emo band Football, etc. stand tall on their own merit. Rising from the ashes of the short-lived Tin Kitchen, the band’s no-nonsense approach to music is as refreshing as it is honest. - Sound as Language [ http://soundaslanguage.com/ ] I've been listening to these 4 songs ever since I got them a month ago, and I've been hooked. I'm super excited that we were able to have them up on this site. This is the first time the donations have been routed back to the artist. Help support an awesome band from Houston, and click the donate button on the bottom right. Visit their myspace by clicking the link button next to their name, and order a copy of the demo yourself for some great handmade packaging.