If You Make It


Everyone Everywhere - A Lot of Weird People Standing Around

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Everyhow Everythere 2. Thermal Dynamics 3. Cool Pool Keg Toss Pete* 4. We're Going Home

I vaguely knew of EE existing over last couple of years, and am making up for it now by listening to this EP over and over. One of the first bands that this reminded me of was The Progress, which is funny because EE is on the same label with the singer's new band Into It Over It. A couple of reviews have said that they also remind them of The Promise Ring and Piebald, which I think are totally apt comparisons. They have that jumpy sense of rhythm and timing that made Piebald so much fun, along with vocals that compel you to sing along. Make sure to buy their new self-titled full length, which is coming out soon from Tiny Engines. You can also purchase this 7" from Evil Weevil. If you like this, check out the free albums from Grown Ups and For Serious This Time