If You Make It


Eric Ayotte - Self-Titled

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Sleep, Or Lack There Of* 2. Monuments To Accidents 3. Downed 4. Long Walk Off A Long Pier 5. Wavin' Flag (K'Naan Cover)

Eric newest record, on If You Make It, who would have thought? I love this a lot. "The label is Sleep City. People can still order the 7"s from me, or No Idea. The bonus song is a K'naan cover. I recorded it for Jacob from WI's tape comp. his label is called Keep It Together. " - Eric. You might know Eric Ayotte only as the singer of Halo Fauna but he also does his own solo material as well. The word that keeps coming to mind when listening to Eric Ayotte is endearing. I mean the guy wrote an album's worth of songs to his grandfather's poetry. How beautiful is that? With his nasally vocal drawl, Ayotte reminds me most of The Mountain Goats. Ayotte's songs are peculiar, vulnerable and touching all rolled into one. Towing the line between personal and political, Ayotte's acoustic folk might be described as an acquired taste but it is one well worth acquiring. - Sound As Language