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Cayetana - Demo

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. Mountain Kids* 2. Ella 3. South Philly

Two weeks ago I was hanging out in Philadelphia and I checked Facebook and saw that my good buddy Kelly had posted this demo of her new band. I was a little inebriated at the time but I knew that I instantly liked this and wanted to have it on IYMI. Something about Cayetana hits me in a way that I can't explain or put into words. For fans of Kickball and PS Eliot, although I'm not sure if that makes sense.

Long time listeners, first time callers "Cayetana" have been around the Philadelphia music scene for quite a while. These three ladies came together about a year ago, which also happens to be when they started playing their instruments. This has let them develop a chemistry that takes other bands years to achieve, if at all. They've jumped head first with their clothes on into the pool at the raging party that is the Philadelphia punk scene. Their self-released demo/e.p. is quite the piece of ear candy. The contemplative and sometimes poignant lyrics delivered in a sincere and oft-urgent croon are perfectly complimented with a locked-in rhythm section comprising of melodious bass lines and driven, hoppy work on the skins. You can expect to hear a lot more from Cayetana in the coming months. Have a listen. Tom May of The Menzingers