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Candy Hearts - Ripped Up Jeans And Silly Dreams

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. What I Want 2. Blocking The Sunshine 3. You And Me 4. Flashers Flashing 5. Hiding From My Friends 6. Why 7. Without Caffeine 8. What You Want* 9. Punk Songs 10. Red Balloon 11. Anything 12. Size Of The Moon 13. Cracks Beneath C

Last week, I finally got around to listening to a lot of the bands that emailed me through the IYMI Contact Form. One of the first bands I checked out was NY's Candy Hearts. The first thing that I loved about this record was the fact that it's a full length. There are very few records on this site that even make it past 4 songs. This record is a full of hooky pop punk that reminds me of earlier Lemuria. Do yourself a favor and download this, you'll definitely be hearing more from this band in the near future.

Candy Hearts is the sweetness your ears need. Candy Hearts (the band, not the heart candies with those little messages) is a 4-piece indie punk band featuring Mariel Loveland, a Ramsey, New Jersey native. But, the band is based out of Purchase, New York. The band is rounded out by Kris Hayes, Greg Baldwin, and Nick Noto. They remind me of the sweet pop/rock band Element 101, and pop/punk band Lemuria with a dash of The Weakerthans and Jawbreaker thrown in. The band deliver 13 infectiously catchy pop/punk and acoustic songs on their latest release Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams. The beats are fast, but poppy and punky. These songs make me want to sing my little heart out. The lyrics speak of love, friendship, bad times, and good times. On "Block the Sunshine" Mariel sings "I'm still young and I want to stay in the sun." One of the cutest songs is "You and me" that goes "We go to together like the alphabet and letters that spell out our names, so perfectly together." There's something nice to listen for in each of the songs - Star Beat Music