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Busman's Holiday - Old Friends

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1. Daniel's Lament* 2. (Mr.) Spaceman 3. Fred 4. (William Cresent Gets) Fired 5. Ode to Sophia 6. Waterloo Sunset 7. The Last Waltz

Busman's Holiday is two brothers. Those two brothers make songs and get their friends to help them make music. The elder brother, Addison, plays a drum kit that includes a Samsonite suitcase bass drum. The younger brother, Lewis, plays an acoustic guitar. The two create harmonies and sing songs together. The music is melodic pop with influences from numerous genres. They listen to Randy Newman, Paul Simon, James Taylor, They Might Be Giants, Madlib, Joe Pass, and Beck; and other stuff. They've made the packaging to the majority of their projects, including Old Friends. Since 2004 they have been playing on the streets of the United States. If you want to catch them there, check out their MySpace page. Wherever Busman's Holiday has a show, they most likely will be street singing close-by. As for Old Friends, the duo made it with producer Matt Nowlin, who, besides being in a jazz group with Lewis, is in a rap band with both the brothers. You can find more about their rap outfit, Rusty Zavitson, in the links. Matt Nowlin wrote all the arrangements and got his friends to play them. Those friends were paid with burritos. Matt was paid with corn whiskey, which he didn't particularly care for. The album deals with writer's block, insanity, retirement, pink slips, old love, and new love. - Cdbaby.com