If You Make It


American War - Symptoms

Listen to the T-Rex:
1. City 2. Soar 3. Mr Mystery 4. Oh, Me* 5. God and Evil and Me 6. Old Time 7. Mother Mary 8. The Ledge 9. Wake 10. The River Pt 2

I've been waiting for this record to come out for a long long time, especially after to recording his last Pink Couch Session. The recorded version of Mr. Mystery is even better than the already amazing live version.

"Symptoms" was recorded in an attic in Columbus, OH, in 2012. The songs reflect a more intimate and meditated approach for songwriter, Matt Scheuermann.

If you've been loving the quiet introspection of Waxahatchee's latest album or Archipelago's Good As Gone, give "Symptoms" a listen.

You can also download Matt's previous album at this very site! Download "Rhetoric" now!