Blink 182 Reunion

by Kudrow

posted on April 29th , 2011

Filmed by Flipswitch Films at last year's Hillstock. Come out this June 3rd/4th/5th for more awesome bands playing in my neighborhood, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. It's tons of fun, and this year it'll have a block party!

I think they captured every ridiculous face I make. I'm pretty sure the first one was because Jeff didn't play the dead notes. Being up that high is weird, especially alone.

You can still download the EP, Lando, that this is off from this very site. We also have a new split with CA's Hard Girls coming out on Asian Man this June. You can hear a song off it on our Tumblr.

Kudrow play their song, "Blink 182 Reunion" at Day 2 of Hillstock Music Festival in a backyard in Brooklyn, NY.

June 12, 2010

Shot by: Jonathan E Rotberg and Matt Klammer

Edited by: Eric J. Williams and Jonathan E Rotberg

Color by: Jonathan E Rotberg

Audio recorded and mixed by: Spaceman Sound

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