I've wanted to have t-shirts available again for the site, but it's been impossible to find the time to get a design together. With that in mind, I've decided to start releasing short runs of Pink Couch Session t-shirts by different artists. The only design stipulation is that it somehow features the pink couch in it. Other than that, I'm leaving it open to the individual artist and their style. The shirts will be sold in short runs of about 100 at first. I haven't decided the sizes, but check back to this page for updates and ordering info.

The first artist in the series is going Jason Lubrano of Iron Chic fame. Lubrano currently is part of the two man team Righteous Indignation. You can find examples of his work on their site, along with some awesome Iron Chic merchandise designs. Printing was done in two different runs, with the first being handled by my good friend Matt and the other buy Houston's very own Night Owls Print Shop. Night Owls is a new venture between I Heart U Productions and Pedal Printing.

Stay tuned for updates on ordering and upcoming artists.

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