The first batch of IYMI Pink Couch Session t-shirts is out. I've had them for a little while but I've been running all over the place and haven't had a second to post anything about ordering them online. I'm currently on tour with Laura Stevenson & the Cans so you can also buy t-shirts at any of our shows. Visit their website for tour dates.

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I know Paypal is a pain. Sorry! --> Sales on hold till I get back from tour on July 16th.

Artist/Printing Info

Artwork was designed by Jason Lubrano of Iron Chic fame. Lubrano currently is part of the two man team Righteous Indignation. You can find examples of his work on their site, along with some awesome Iron Chic merchandise designs. Printing was done in two different runs, with the first being handled by my good friend Matt and the other by Houston's very own Night Owls Print Shop. Night Owls is a new venture between I Heart U Productions and Pedal Printing. T-shirts are printed on Navy Blue Tultex. It's similar in fit & feel to American Apparel without being associated with creepy dudes.

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