The Sidekicks-Weight of Air
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The Sidekicks

Weight of Air

In celebration of their recent show and Pink Couch, I thought that it would be a good time to recommend that everyone go out and buy their new record.

Once I heard the first few seconds of the opener "Let it Breathe", I was hooked. With their "recent" addition of American War's Matt Schuerman, The Sidekicks have cemented themselves as vocal heavyweights. On his own, Steve has such a powerful, throaty sound, and on this record it really stands out, especially Matt backing him up.

If you are looking for something exactly like their 7 in. "Sam", you might be in for a surprise. The members of the Sidekicks, have musically aged about 5 years over the last year, and with "Weight of Air", they've released a record that is full of hooks and a range of secondary instruments (ie; harmonica, keyboard, etc...). It seems like Matt's style of Americana has really influenced the direction that they have gone, and I'm excited about the change. The energy of their live performance comes through on this recording. You can almost picture their red faces as they belt out each song.

This record was released by Red Scare, click the button to the right to purchase it. The band recorded "A Healthy Time" for a Pink Couch, which should be up soon. They are currently on tour with Tin Armor.

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